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Posts from ‘December, 2008’

New Year’s Resolutions

  Uh, oh, New Years again. Resolution time. And not just any resolution will do—for eight years running Jordan and I have played a New Years Resolution game with whatever company we find ourselves in on New Year’s Eve. Taken from a classic summer-camp activity (we met as camp counselors way back when), it’s New […]

Working Girl

Okay, I’m going to do it – a blog entry about being a working mom.   You know it had to happen.   Here’s the deal: sometimes, during clinic, a client will say to me –because they all know I have two young daughters, I’d like to think not because I talk too much but […]

We’re not Christmasans

Apparently, my four-year-old daughter confided to her pre-school teacher that, “we’re not Christmasans.”   Hearing this, I was not only amused—I was also a little proud. Sometimes it’s obvious what our children understand. (For instance: when, after seeing Bambi, I overheard Eva playing with toy animals. A small giraffe called out a high-pitched, “Mama! Mama! […]

Reluctant Self-promotion

I live one block away from a fabulous independent bookstore, Bolen Books. How fabulous? It won bookseller of the year in Canada last year. My daughters and I have spent many, many hours in Bolen Books, since it has a wonderful selection of children’s books–aisles and aisles and aisles of them. But here’s the deal: […]

Just call me Angel

I am a novelist and a midwifery student—currently in full-time clinical placement–plus a mother of two. Some days this feels untenable & crazy-making. Other days it’s just incredibly interesting, and a lot of fun. Years ago, when I was a kid in Flatbush, Brooklyn, we’d drive all the way to Bay Ridge just to rent […]