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Posts from ‘January, 2009’

Sima has landed!

Stopped by the Chinatown gallery where we (as in, Penguin Canada and I, together at last) will be hosting Sima’s Victoria launch on February 12th. “Ah yes,” said Allison, the friendly gallery owner (I love this about Victoria: gallery owners are friendly instead of inexplicably intimidating), “I just got your novel in the mail today.”  She gestured […]

Hand timidly raised in qualification

So the strange thing about having a blog is all the things in my life I can’t write about. Or rather, the one thing I can’t really write about, which is also the one thing that I spend hours of every week doing, studying, loving, struggling with, worrying over—which is midwifery. I write about it […]

My daughter’s stories

The other day Eva told me a story. Actually she tells a lot of stories these days. They tend to be preceded by loud announcements around the house: “The story is starting! The story is starting!” The story is often starting soon after wake-up, so her announcements sometimes continue on for a bit while I […]

Pinot Grigio

I seem to have thrown out the cork for the wine Jordan and I opened with dinner, and I also can’t seem to find any of those whatchamacalits–you know, wine-stoppers. So it seems I’m doomed to finish the bottle alone, as Jordan has high-tailed it over to a mandatory pre-school lecture on bully-proofing your child. […]


I’ve been getting a lot of blog shout-outs lately. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It’s incredibly exciting to see my book getting out there. Just about a month to publication now. Gulp.   Meantime I am still in Vancouver for my midwifery intensive, trudging through slush. I’ve only been a Canadian citizen since last February (could […]

Small victories

Well, I’ve not only bought goggles and used them once, but I’ve also bought new poetry. So so far, so good on the New Year’s Resolutions, both true and false. Of course, it’s only January 6th. But, it even gets a little better:  I bought the poetry –Victoria poet Isa Milman’s Prairie Kaddish, a truly […]