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Small victories

Well, I’ve not only bought goggles and used them once, but I’ve also bought new poetry. So so far, so good on the New Year’s Resolutions, both true and false. Of course, it’s only January 6th. But, it even gets a little better:  I bought the poetry –Victoria poet Isa Milman’s Prairie Kaddish, a truly beautiful, creative, and complex reflection/history/telling of the Jewish experience in rural Saskatchewan–in a local independent bookstore, having finally gotten up the nerve to introduce myself and advertise Sima.  

Well, once I introduced myself at one bookstore I hit another, and another–

I went to 4 locals all told.  It didn’t get easier—each time I had to force myself to the check-out, feeling semi-ridiculous as I brought out the I’m-a-writer-and-my-novel-is-coming-out line—but it did get done. And, of course the booksellers were all lovely, and, even better, they all checked to see if they’d already ordered Sima. The good news: each and every bookstore had. The bad news: my name is listed as Stranger-Ross in whatever database Canadian booksellers subscribe to.  Oh, the curse of the Stanger!

Independent bookstores accounted for, I boarded the ferry for Vancouver for a UBC Midwifery intensive which will culminate in a two-day 20-hr obstetrical emergencies course.  So the balancing goes, one morning handing out my Publisher’s Weekly review as a calling card, the next trying to memorize the mneumonic for managing shoulder dystocia.

Did I say balancing? There’s definitely no balance. But at least now there’s goggles, and good poetry.

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