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I’ve been getting a lot of blog shout-outs lately. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  It’s incredibly exciting to see my book getting out there. Just about a month to publication now. Gulp.  

Meantime I am still in Vancouver for my midwifery intensive, trudging through slush. I’ve only been a Canadian citizen since last February (could there be a connection between the date of my Canadian citizenship and the book publication date? Hmm–need to investigate further), but nonetheless I am going to make the bold claim that the state of Vancouver’s snow-shoveling is a disgrace to the country. There, I said it. Someone teach this city how to clear a sidewalk, please.

Feeling blog-pleased and also righteously Canadian, it’s now time to rush off to UBC–midwifery class calls. (Luckily midwifery class doesn’t call on a pager, however, and I am enjoying the respite from an on-call lifestyle, whining about the Vancouver weather notwithstanding. More time to read blogs, for one.)

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