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Sima has landed!

Stopped by the Chinatown gallery where we (as in, Penguin Canada and I, together at last) will be hosting Sima’s Victoria launch on February 12th. “Ah yes,” said Allison, the friendly gallery owner (I love this about Victoria: gallery owners are friendly instead of inexplicably intimidating), “I just got your novel in the mail today.”  She gestured to the counter beside her, where a copy of my novel was only partially hidden by paperwork.

I grabbed it up. It was the first copy I’d seen.

When Allison realized she owned my  first she was shocked. It quickly became a love-fest. Allison insisted I sign her copy while a gallery-browser captured the moment on film. Of course, I was happy to comply. Afterwards I caressed the book a few times, checked to make sure there wasn’t an extra “r” in my name (the Stanger-Stranger thing is killing me), read the acknowledgements (a reflex), and grudgingly passed it back to her.

Apparently my copies are in the mail, too, but coming from NYC and so passing through that mysterious border time zone that seems to delay packages for completely unpredictable lengths of time.

(I’m a true patriot Canadian, except when it comes to bashing Canada Post. Six years in this country and I’m only now beginning to accept no mail on Saturdays.)

But I digress. I left Dale’s Gallery and headed off on a shopping spree. The goal: new clothing for the launch/readings that conveyed just the right mix of confident yet bookish, hip yet smart.  Jordan came along for inspiration & support, and in a dark and bizarrely smokey store downtown we found the perfect girl-author dress.

Feeling triumphant, we boarded the bus home. But the best was yet to come: an old high school friend had emailed to tell me that he saw Sima in the New & Noteworthy section of a Manhattan Borders Books. He was so excited, he sent me a picture:

New & Noteworthy at Border's Books
First bookstore sighting

Thank you Jon Iuzzini, and thank you Borders Books!

I also appeared as today’s Book Brahmin on Shelf Awareness. (Am I then the Brahmin, or is the Brahmin the interviewer? Either way, I was thrilled.)

I told Jordan I was too famous to put the kids to bed, but he didn’t go for it.

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  1. Sara Reside says:

    Oh the excitement. That picture brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited for you and can’t wait for the launch.

  2. daph says:

    Just so you know – I am now a proud owner of Sima! It’s beautiful! Sadly, I haven’t started it yet because I am a new member of a book club here and haven’t finished that book and the meeting is creeping up on me but once I am done, yours will be devoured and comments on and will be posted, with huge praise. I was so happy to find it in my local mall at a Coles Books – it’s a small store so wasn’t sure if it would be there. I, of course, told the woman who worked there that you are my friend, I have to start the name dropping early. We’re all so proud of you! xoxo Daph

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