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Posts from ‘February, 2009’

Washington DC, Radio, and Miss Pauline

I’m in Washington D.C., on a break from a radio tour. Yes, a radio tour. The way it works, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t know this, is that I stay put near a landline (not so easy a thing to find these days) and every 10 minutes or so the […]


Spent today walking around Philly, falling in love with this city all over again. You think I’m kidding. You hope, given the saccharine sentiment, I’m kidding. But I’m not. Jordan and I lived in Philly for 4 years several years ago, and I was always a Philly fan. Coming in on the Amtrak train late […]

Launch # 3: NYC, baby

Arrived yesterday to New York City. Ate bagels, Chinese food, and cupcakes– not bad considering I didn’t land until 1pm. It’s just Eva and me at my parents’ place in Brooklyn–Jordan had to return to teaching, and we decided Tillie would fare better at home. A good decision, as I spent today polishing off a paper […]

Snowy night, early flight

I’m watching the snow come down outside my in-laws home in Waterloo, Ontario, and hoping my flight to NYC takes off on time tomorrow. I had two readings in Toronto this week, and one in Waterloo. We packed Tryst Lingerie Wednesday night–sipped cocktails, read from my novel, answered a few questions, and then got to […]

On the road

Writing from Toronto, which means I am officially “on tour.” Gulp. It also means, realistically, that I am staying with family and having a lovely time. The highlight so far: Eva and her six-year-old cousin, Maia, broke into some secret chocolate stash while supposably asleep in bed. They were caught. Maia was whistle-clean and innocent […]

Entertainment Weekly!?!

Entertainment Weekly gave Sima an A-, saying, “In Sima, Ilana Stanger-Ross has created one of the most painfully realistic characters in recent memory, making Women more delicate and refined than the silkiest of nighties.” I am punch-drunk thrilled. (I am also wondering how far the literary criticism lingerie-metaphor will be taken. We’ve been told Sima  is uplifting […]

Putting my money where–

At 6:50 am this February morning I was outside our catchment public elementary school waiting to register Eva for kindergarten. Registration began at 9am. What we do for love. There was only one other person when I got there, and only a dozen or so when the doors opened at 8. This is what happens […]