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Entertainment Weekly!?!

Entertainment Weekly gave Sima an A-, saying, “In Sima, Ilana Stanger-Ross has created one of the most painfully realistic characters in recent memory, making Women more delicate and refined than the silkiest of nighties.”

I am punch-drunk thrilled.

(I am also wondering how far the literary criticism lingerie-metaphor will be taken. We’ve been told Sima  is uplifting and that you can “slip inside” it…what next? Any suggestions? I’m thinking maybe a parallel between character strength and underwire?)

More excitement: over the weekend I signed copies at three local bookstores.  I showed up at the first Friday afternoon after going for a swim, so I was all red-eyed and wet-haired. I thought maybe they’d ask me to prove my identity, and already had a line ready about how I didn’t look as good as in the author photo because I’d just gone swimming, etc etc, but they didn’t ask. I guess people don’t fake these things.

It was a very strange feeling, actually, to crack open a new hardcover and scrawl my sloppy signature within it–I kept thinking they’d yell “Stop!”, grab them away, and make me buy what I’d so clearly desecrated. Instead they put them back on the shelves, with a fancy sticker marking them as Signed by the Author.


On Saturday I took the girls along. “Look,” I said to Eva, pointing to the New Releases shelf, “it’s my book. Here. In a real store.”

I got an “uh huh” in response, and a request to buy some tattoes.

Ah well–you can’t win them all.

Meantime I have also gotten some wonderful blog reviews. Thank you to Bookopolis and Foreign Circus Library.  I can’t get over strangers across North America reading my book, enjoying it,  and posting their incredibly thoughtful reviews on blogs.  It is thrilling.

I also found out that there is a waiting list 17 signatures long for Sima  at my childhood branch of the New York Public Library, on Avenue J in Flatbush. (I have a top-grade, top-secret spy. Okay, it’s my mom.)  Hooray for Flatbush library-readers! (Though who wants to wait so long? Go–buy it! You deserve it. That’s right…)

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  1. Juliet says:

    Don’t forget–the New York Post called it “a life lifted and separated.”

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