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Launch # 3: NYC, baby

Arrived yesterday to New York City. Ate bagels, Chinese food, and cupcakes– not bad considering I didn’t land until 1pm.

It’s just Eva and me at my parents’ place in Brooklyn–Jordan had to return to teaching, and we decided Tillie would fare better at home. A good decision, as I spent today polishing off a paper on gestational hypertension while Eva, bedecked in a Disney princess gown, roamed about our old Victorian home on her own. Luckily, it was easy to track her progess, marked as it was by the desperate meows of Nomi, an old gray cat whom Eva held captive.

We ventured out for lunch to Avenue J, where Eddie at the fruit market (much like Eddie in my novel) gave Eva copious amounts of free candy in exchange for a hug and kiss. I laughed and tried not to think that after all it wasn’t the best girl-training. In Dunkin’ Donuts (I was desperate for coffee) it was my turn as an older woman latched onto me, complimenting my hair.

 “I love the frosting on it,” she told me.

(Cut back to Victoria, when, seeking highlights from my hair dresser, I warned that I didn’t want it to look frosted. “Frosted?” she said, “what’s that?” “You know,” I told her, “frosted. Like when women with dark hair have this odd blonde camouflage look.” Well, apparently I achieved it, and it’s a hit with the Dunkin Donuts set.)

So then I ate kosher-pizza (Difara’s, always my destination on Avenue J, was closed), and finished my paper and gussied myself up and briefed the babysitter, and then my mom and I headed out to the big NYC launch party.

I had no idea what to expect.

It was fabulous.

Peter Mayer, Overlook’s publisher, hosted at his Soho home (all my new friends live in Soho). Got to catch up with old friends, put Overlook names to faces, and chat with editors I hadn’t encountered (someone at Penguin loves my book! Someone at Random House loves my book! Someone at the New Yorker wants to read my book!) while hoping no one noticed my wine glass faintly trembling in my hand. Best of all, I gave an impromtu thank-you speech (why did no one tell me this would be expected?) while wearing heels on a helical open staircase,  and managed not to trip.

Here’s a picture of the launch from MediaBistro’s GalleyCat

Phew. And now that it’s bedtime even in Victoria–to sleep.

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