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On the road

Writing from Toronto, which means I am officially “on tour.”


It also means, realistically, that I am staying with family and having a lovely time. The highlight so far: Eva and her six-year-old cousin, Maia, broke into some secret chocolate stash while supposably asleep in bed. They were caught. Maia was whistle-clean and innocent as could be; Eva had a chocolate ring around her mouth, a bed littered with wrappers, and, inexplicably (she was as surprised as I was by the discovery), chocolate smeared all over her back. (Yes, I’m sure it was chocolate.) The hijinx of close cousins—I had to fake the stern reprimand, pleased as I was to see those two reunited again.

But back to books.

Kicked off the tour last Thursday night with a wonderful launch in Victoria. We packed the gallery and sold-out of books. Jordan and I only moved to Victoria 3 1/2 years ago, so it was particularly gratifying to see so many great people there–it’s become home, and as far away as Victoria is from Boro Park, it felt like the right place to launch Sima.

Over the next two weeks I’ll be doing several readings, mostly in lingerie stores. I’m curious to see what that feels like — certainly they’ll be the first lingerie-literary readings I’ve attended.  Meantime, my publicist is picking me up early tomorrow morning to taxi around Toronto signing books. I love the word “publicist” almost as much as the verb “taxi,” so I am looking forward to the adventure. Plus, I hear it’s an author trick: once you’ve signed them the bookstore can’t return them. Shhh–don’t tell.

Do come out for lingerie and literature if you live anywhere near Toronto, Waterloo, NYC, Philly, or DC. (But if you are planning on coming to a reading, don’t look at the online pictures: I’m going to be wearing that dress over and over again….).

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