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Snowy night, early flight

I’m watching the snow come down outside my in-laws home in Waterloo, Ontario, and hoping my flight to NYC takes off on time tomorrow.

I had two readings in Toronto this week, and one in Waterloo. We packed Tryst Lingerie Wednesday night–sipped cocktails, read from my novel, answered a few questions, and then got to talk a few friends into splurging on fancy nightgowns. Got to not only read from but also perform Sima, in other words.

Thursday evening I attended a Penguin Canada LCBO event — LCBO standing for, obviously, the Liquor Control Board of Ontario, which sounds like some horrid bureacratic outpost but actually just means, in Ontario-an, liquor store.  The highlight of the event included listening to a short lecture about the wines served, each of which had been specifically paired with my novel.  A Reisling, for instance, conjured Sima’s inner conflict–much in the same way that Alsace is torn by German and French allegiances, so Sima…you get the idea. 

Wine parallels aside (at least they didn’t serve Manischewitz!), I loved the LCBO chat — everyone there had read Sima, making it basically an author-dream-come-true: a long and lovely conversation about my characters with readers who had wonderful insights and questions and comments.

And the Reisling wasn’t half-bad, either.

In Waterloo I got to set-up camp in another lingerie store. I felt a little like Lucy in Charlie Brown –remember her psychiatrist booth, masquerading as a lemonade stand? Well, there I was in an indoor mall, signing books at a small table bedecked with a bottle of water and a stout blue glass. Friends dropped by, and loyal lingerie and Words Worth Books customers stopped in, but I also definitely received a fair number of curious glances from mall-passerbys. I felt like I should have a sign on my table: Novelist. Writing Advice 5 cents. 

In other words: loved it. 

So, four readings down, six to go (plus an assortment of radio and TV–stay tuned!).  That is: assuming it stops snowing, sometime tonight….

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