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Posts from ‘March, 2009’

Oh Canada!

Saturday morning my phone rang at 7am.  I assumed it’d be my supervisor calling with news of a lady in labour, but it was my friend Eric-from-Edmonton (well, originally from Thunder Bay, ON) calling to tell me I was reviewed in The Globe and Mail. “And it’s fanastic,” he said. It was. It is. It’s here. […]

Radio redux, and hold the babies, please.

I’m back in the swing of clinical placement — the glamour of the book tour receding ever more quickly. Of course, there’s still loads of publicity to be done: for instance, it’s important that I check my ranking at least once a day. Otherwise–well, I don’t even want to think what could happen. Seriously though […]

Camel vs caramel, and where are the reviews?!

Things are quiet, though I’m anticipating a birth streak:  on my first day back in clinic last week (with a new clinical supervisor, as the midwife I’ve been shadowing since October is on holiday this month), I discovered that all our clients appear to be 38 weeks pregnant with a history of giving birth at 38 weeks.  Oh. […]

home again home again

Well, it took a little longer than expected (curses upon Air Canada!) but Eva and I arrived back to Victoria in time for sushi lunch the other day. Okay, I know that nothing is more boring than recounting airport travails — except perhaps undergoing an airport travail in the first place. But I have to […]

Absolutely knackered

For those of you who wondered what a reading in a lingerie store looks like: Reading at Jaryam, Washington DC  I’ve been back in NYC for 2 days, and so am a bit remiss on the blog update. But lord–am I tired! DC was wonderful–the reading went well, the radio too (my favorite a woman’s “empowerment” […]