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Camel vs caramel, and where are the reviews?!

Things are quiet, though I’m anticipating a birth streak:  on my first day back in clinic last week (with a new clinical supervisor, as the midwife I’ve been shadowing since October is on holiday this month), I discovered that all our clients appear to be 38 weeks pregnant with a history of giving birth at 38 weeks. 


All the same, my pager has been silent all day. So: We had pancakes for breakfast, and then went for a walk on Willows Beach, and then shopped for carpet runner for the basement stairs.

It was one of those moments, actually: As I browsed rolls of beige at Fuzzy Wuzzy Carpets I thought, I can’t believe I’m old enough to be purchasing a beige carpet.

I mean: come on.

But I did it, so I must be that old.  And I even kind of liked it. Honest, it has a nice weave, and it’s very warm. The saleswoman called it “Carmel,” which made me wonder of course if she meant caramel or camel.

I didn’t feel I could ask.

Meanwhile: Am hoping for more reviews. Come on reviews! I feel like we’re close. There was Entertainment Weekly. There’s been lots of radio. The book has been placed well in bookstores–a friend visiting Seattle just texted me to brag about my book placement at a store there. But….how f%^&** hard is it to get a review?  If you’re a book reviewer reading this: come on, give the new kid a break.

(I’m the new kid in that sentence. Just in case that wasn’t clear given the beige-carpet purchase above. Thanks!)

P.S.: I was interviewed by here. I’ve been a fan of Abebooks for a long time and was thrilled to find out they’re a Victoria-based company, so the interview was pretty exciting for me.

P.P.S: If you’re a reader but not a reviewer and you’ve read Sima and liked it, please review it on amazon for me. Does it make a difference? I have no idea. But: can it hurt?

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  1. But at least you’re still whimsical enough to be buying the beige carpet at a place called Fuzzy Wuzzy Carpets.
    Waiting for my copy of Sima to get here, whereupon I will read it and review it and pass it around to everyone I know, increasing your readership by, oh, I’m going to say at least three or four.
    Had NO idea Abebooks was in Victoria.

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