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Exam crunch

A friend wrote to tell me that a friend of hers emailed from Montreal: “I’ve just read a book you’d love,” she wrote, “it’s called Sima’s Undergarments for Women.

Cool, no?

Am thick in midwifery-exam studying right now. Yes: thick in it. Which is why I am blogging, obviously, instead of reviewing, say, all the many ways in which Cytomeglovirus will screw your unborn child.

Don’t ask.

In celebration of the end of the semester/preparation for finals, I have begun watching Grey’s Anatomy. Yes, I am nothing if not 5 years behind a trend. Apparently I’ll have to wait until Season Two for the OB/GYN /Pediatric Surgeon (why don’t we have one of those in Victoria?!), but all the same I feel like I have somewhat more insight into all the many absurdities of television medicine than I would have without my student-midwife training. So that means I’ve come a long way in my learning, right?

Best of all was the lung surgery scene. “Is that…?!” says the shocked intern, as they show a shot of something black and malicious lurking behind a pink lung. I was able to immediately tell Jordan it was a left-behind surgical towel.  Then I had to verify a few times that he wouldn’t have known that without my telling him. Which he assured me he wouldn’t.  Which illustrates that I am now well-acquainted with the particular look of blood-saturated guaze. Well done.

Phone just rang: live-time coverage here to announce that the Thrifty’s Food Supermarket in Broadmead Village has matzoh meal in stock. (Yes: they called me. How’s that for customer service? “I heard you’re interested in our Manishewitz Products,” the customer rep said. Indeed.)

Study pause again then, to get all I need to make matzoh balls with Eva this afternoon. Just like my mom did with me, when I was a kid.  Don’t even ask for the recipe: it’s perfect, but I’ll never share it.

Okay: write an amazon review and it’s yours.

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