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To market to market

I am tempted to write all sorts of excuses about why it’s taken me so long to post a new entry, but I’m thinking that perhaps the #1 blog rule– or rather the #2 rule, give that the #1 rule is no doubt Write, and Write Often–is that if you haven’t written, don’t go on and on about why or what or how much. Just start back up again.

Okay? Okay.

But who’s kidding who: I haven’t written in a bit because I simply don’t have much book news. I gave an embarrasingly long interview to an Australian ex-pat who has made it his business to interview every Jewish author around. I’m not sure what possessed me to go on, and on, and on, though I suspect his accent was to blame. At any rate, he’s posted not just the transcript but also the audio. I will never ever listen to it myself, but it’s nice that it’s out there for Jewish author posterity –in excellent company.

This coming Friday I have an interview with Jewish Week.  A bit of a coup for me–it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that my mother has been salivating over the idea of a Jewish Week review ever since the publishing contract got signed. When none came, she simply called them herself. She got the name & email of the book reviewer and passed it on to me; I sent an email explaining the situation re: my mother and my novel. Right away I got a response, and now an interview. Score one for the home team.

In other news: my midwifery placement ends this week, I’ve got a final on Tuesday, I have no idea where my summer placements will be (the idea is to work with obstetricians, nurses, and family physicians, but UBC has been mum on the details), and I have now committed to go to NYC the last weekend of May for Jewish Book Network auditions, which means I will parade around showing how Jewish and appealing I am while representatives from Jewish Book Fairs all across North America watch, deciding whether I am worth bringing to their venue. Which begs the question: if I am chosen, how will I get the time off? (And if I’m not?!)

All the usual craziness. But the real big good news: Tillie is toilet-trained! One month shy of 2, and totally brilliant. And with two kids in underwear, nothing can stop me. 

(Not even being out of Cheerios mid-week–even this trial I can face. So off to the supermarket I go–)

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