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Posts from ‘May, 2009’

New York, New York, a helluva town

Well, I’m back in the Big City for the 3rd time since February, albeit for a very, very brief stay. Arrived 5:30 pm this Saturday evening and depart with the dawn on Monday. But tomorrow: tomorrow I have a full-day of literary….ummm….literary stuff. Brunch with my agent & editor –how much do I love that […]

I love arctic birds

I’ll blurt out the big news first: Penguin has bought Sima’s paperback rights! It’s good. Really good. It means a whole new “package,” apparently: another cover, another launch, another chance.  Very, very exciting. Even though I love the old cover & even though I have become a huge fan of Overlook Press, still, this is clearly a […]

You’ve got 2 minutes

Weeks past the deadline, I’m trying to sum-up Sima in a 2-minute blurb that I’ll read in front of umpteen Jews for the Jewish Book Network audition. Prove you –and your book–are appealing & nail down the Jewish content requirement, and you could be whisked away on an all-paid, cross-country tour of Jewish Book Fairs, synagogue […]

Double agent

My double-life continues. On Monday I began my first of three summer placements, with a fabulous health clinic. The usual first day stuff: feeling incompetent, trying to cover feelings of incompetence and so fool everyone else into thinking I am competent, yada yada. Small successes: the metal speculum is feeling friendlier, and I may just have run […]