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Double agent

My double-life continues. On Monday I began my first of three summer placements, with a fabulous health clinic. The usual first day stuff: feeling incompetent, trying to cover feelings of incompetence and so fool everyone else into thinking I am competent, yada yada. Small successes: the metal speculum is feeling friendlier, and I may just have run out of ways to be creative in failing with IV starts, which makes me thing I’ll begin succeeding with them instead.

Left clinic exhausted, and after a solo dinner of Roti (Jordan & the girls were on Pender Island with friends, which means no one feeds me, but I do get to eat all the things I love that he hates) went to a former client’s book club.

It was at a new restaurant in Victoria. And I love a new restaurant in Victoria. Lucy’s in the Square, in Fernwood: you heard it here first. And while I’m blogging about new restaurants in Victoria, also check out Devour downtown, with chef Alison Biggs–she provided fantastic food at my Victoria launch, and her new spot is getting rave reviews.


Where was I? Oh yes: a book club, with wine & cheese & all things delicious. And a few hilarious women, and a baby whose birth I was lucky enough to catch. (He was looking delicious, too.) And interesting questions about my book.

The perfect way to end a day chock full of those first-day-on-the-new-job jitters.

Except that of course they began again the next day. And continue. But someone once told me: it’s a marathon, not a sprint. I’m hoping it’s the same with Sima, too, and for now am trying to stay in both races.

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