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You’ve got 2 minutes

Weeks past the deadline, I’m trying to sum-up Sima in a 2-minute blurb that I’ll read in front of umpteen Jews for the Jewish Book Network audition. Prove you –and your book–are appealing & nail down the Jewish content requirement, and you could be whisked away on an all-paid, cross-country tour of Jewish Book Fairs, synagogue readings, and JCC appearances.

“It made Jonathan Safran Foer ,” I was told.

Which is maybe a bit of an exaggeration, since as I recall Safran Foer debuted on the cover of the NY Times Book Review. Still: an amazing program and an amazing opportunity: the chance to get my novel into the hands of readers across the country.

So here I am, trying to balance personal appeal, story interest, and Jewness into a 2-minute package.

The trouble of course: if they do choose me, how the hell will I get the time off clinical placement?  And why does it feel so much like being pulled in different directions? And why does it feel so much like guilt? (Am I abandoning my book? Shirking my clinical training? And don’t get me started on my family…)

One step at a time. I had to audition–I just couldn’t not try for it– even though it means flying to NYC on Saturday and returning on Monday in time to start my next placement.  The good news is that if I lose I win– if no one wants me, no conflict arises. And if I win I win, too, because then my book gets more than life-support — a new jolt, defib!

(No: that’s not my midwifery-training talking, just the late nights watching Gray’s Anatomy.)

2 minutes. 2 minutes. Breasts, breasts, Jews, Jews, Mother, daughter. Anything else you think I should include?

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