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The big night

Yikes–nearly a week has passed and I have yet to blog about The Big Night. So: there I was, one of about 50 Jewish Book Network authors to present my pitch in the 1st of 3 nights of pitches.  We were  ushered into a room (actually a sanctuary) where one after the other in alphabetical order we each proceeded to give our 2 minute shpiel. It was extremely intense, running like clockwork: I never saw a Jewish event proceed on-time like that. By the time they got to “S” I was a wreck: authors whose NY Times book reviews I’d read had presented; authors with careers involving David Letterman and selling pre-emptive movie rights had presented. What did I have to offer?

Well, I got up and did it and only stumbled once. And did a good enough job that someone (Austin? DC?) later came up to me and said, “There you are, we’ve been saying we had to find the bubbly-blonde.”

I’ve never been called a bubbly-blonde before. LOVED it.

So then after all that pitching, we were ushered into a basement dining hall where they served us beige food and gave us absolutely no alcohol. Nothing. I have never wanted a drink so badly in my life. Especially as we writers kept being urged to circulate, and the pressure was keen to meet & greet & impress, over and over again.

And yet: I got to speak with some lovely women, all of whom were there because they loved books and loved their communities and wanted to bring Jewish writers to Jewish readers– a noble cause, to my mind, and one I am of course hankering to help out with.

And: there were NY black & white cookies. Albeit the mini-kind.

And: I met Palm Beach, who loved, loved, loved Sima and hopes, she told me, to team up with Miami and Ft. Lauderdale to bring me over.  Which sounded pretty amazing to me, especially since more than one rep had told me that coming from Victoria I was a bit hard to budget for, flight-wise.

(Damn that Canadian border. The flight from Victoria to Seattle takes less than 1/2 hr but bumps up the ticket price by at least $200. Grr.)

Anyway, fingers crossed that someone will find me worthy of breaking the bank.

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