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Posts from ‘July, 2009’

Hello, Nova Scotia

I’m back in the fog in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia –one of my very favourite places to be. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see why: Is that lovely, or what? Plus, there’s always the chance you could bump into Calvin Trillin. Not that I or anyone I know out here has […]

So long, Stony Plain

After a flurry of births we don’t have any more women due until June 30th, which means that, although I’m on-call another 24 hrs, it’s unlikely I’ll attend another birth in Stony Plain. So I’ve been doing some exploring: chowed down on gravy & fries at the local diner; hunted for junk as a massive […]

More births births births

Since my last post, when I was ready to quit midwifery school were it not for the spraypaint-gold handcuffs of debt (I just made that one up. Really. Pretty good, huh?) things have gotten better. But first they had to get worse. Saturday morning I was paged at 4am. This was especially disconcerting as I’d […]

Travels and travails

Jordan & the girls came out to Alberta, and we spent 2 weeks with our fabulous friends in Edmonton and went on a road-trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Drumheller in the Alberta Badlands and, on a whim –our first major travel-bug whim since Eva was born 4 1/2 years ago–to Banff in the Canadian Rockies. […]

Meantime, Sima gets around

While I’ve been busy with my student-midwife life attending births in Alberta,  Sima has been getting around. Random sightings here & there (do synagogue bookstores count as random?), but none more so than this: my friend Amelia, a fellow student-midwife, came across Sima in Port Hardy, a small town on Northern Vancouver Island where she’s […]