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Meantime, Sima gets around

IAmelia and Sima, Port Hardy Vancouver Island, July 2009

Amelia and Sima, Port Hardy Vancouver Island, July 2009

While I’ve been busy with my student-midwife life attending births in Alberta,  Sima has been getting around. Random sightings here & there (do synagogue bookstores count as random?), but none more so than this: my friend Amelia, a fellow student-midwife, came across Sima in Port Hardy, a small town on Northern Vancouver Island where she’s currently placed in a rural practice. Port Hardy, whose highway welcome sign reads: “Where the highway ends and the adventure begins.” Port Hardy: First Nations, Fishermen, and now, Sima. Amelia writes:

How excited am I to have found your book in a tiny bookstore/cafe in Port Hardy!?  I caused quite a stir as I started to rearrange their display to move your book to the centre and the Twilight series out of the way.  When questioned, I said “This book was written by my friend, she’s local and it rocks, plus, those Twilight books are sooooooo last year.”  And I even convinced an old lady to buy it for her cruise ship trip to Alaska that was leaving in 10 minutes!

Hooray for Amelia, and for Sima!

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