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Hello, Nova Scotia

I’m back in the fog in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia –one of my very favourite places to be. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see why:

Kingsburg Village

Kingsburg Village

Is that lovely, or what? Plus, there’s always the chance you could bump into Calvin Trillin. Not that I or anyone I know out here has ever done so, but it could happen. Really.

This marks our 7th summer out here. And my first as a local literary celebrity.

Okay, so no one has yet voted to name a hill after me –all the local big-wigs have hills named after them. But our neighbor across the street told me that not only did she love my book — it saved her back, literally.

“I’ve been wearing bras to sleep,” she said, leaning in close to whisper her secret as we stood barefoot in the center of the road (it’s important to strike up conversations directly in the middle of the road, because on either side are noisy dogs who want attention). “My back ache has totally disappeared –it has completely changed my life. But I guess you hear that all the time.”

Umm, actually, no. But that’s no small badge of literary honour, no?

In other news: my husband’s grandmother, who is also here visiting, told me that Sima will be reviewed in her building’s newsletter. Who knew her building had a newsletter, and that it reviewed books? She lives in a very Jewish ex-urb of Toronto, in a building that tried to limit its residents to only above-50s until some 40-something upstart sued and won. I’m thinking this review could be *big.* If you’re reading this, and you have a grandma, and she has friends, and especially if she lives in a building with a newsletter: give me a ring.

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