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Back to work

Heading into Vancouver to start off my final year of school with typical mix n’ match: this evening I’ll be meeting with a book club about Sima, and then tomorrow begins another clinical intensive.   I’m feeling all out of sorts about leaving the girls–I’m only in Vancouver until Friday, but I know it’s going to be a busy semester with a busy clinic and who knows when I’ll ever be home.

It’ll be fine. I know it’ll be fine. It’s just that I hate transitions. But then, who doesn’t?

I called Eva’s school this morning. Actually, I’ve called 3 times in the last week, but thank goodness they’d never know that since I never give my name. Because I am That Mother. My questions are innocent enough: When is the 1st day of school? (Next Monday.) Must I really register my daughter for the 3rd time in person? (For me they made an exception. So, okay, I did have to reveal my name there.) Finally: That meet-the-teacher picnic, what time exactly?

Underlying them all: Are we going to be the parents who can never make anything because Jordan teaches & I have clinic? How is one supposed to pull this off, exactly? 

We’ll figure it out. Meantime: for my American readers & in the spirit of Back to School, the Word of the Day is: Dou Tang.

Okay, so it’s two words. Here’s a hint: they’re on Eva’s school supply list, and though I’ve held one a hundred times I never knew a word for it in American English. Guesses?

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  1. daph says:

    Too funny – don’t worry, you’re not alone. I had no idea what Sadie’s school plans were either, I had to call and I asked other mothers what the deal was. Plus, we missed our open house b/c we were late, I showed up and the teacher was packing up. Ooops.

    Turns out Dou Tang is known to all Canadians, except those from Newfoundland. Matt had no idea what it was until he went to university. They are a little different in NF – playing hookie is called “going on the pip” or “pipping off” – I know, how ODD is that??

    Have fun in Vancouver – wish I was there too. sigh. groan. cry. snif. whine. cry again. xoxdaph

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