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Late-breaking Sima news:

Hebrew language rights have been sold!

Sima has been shortlisted for the City of Victoria Butler Prize!

Back-to-school Clinical-intensive-at-UBC news:

Orca whale sighting on my ferry commute!

And finally: results are in from the Duo Tang challenge:

Several Canadians emailed me about my spelling of Duo Tang. A PhD in Canadian Literature gently explained (well, actually she called me “rookie”) that it’s DUO tang. A grade school teacher (conveniently my sister-in-law) voted instead for Doutang or Duo-tang.

Why did they email me and not post on my blog? I have no idea. Very Canadian.

Regardless, since no Americans commented I will reveal nothing. Ask the Orcas.

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  1. daph says:

    Congratulations on all accounts. Of course, especially on the Sima news but also for the orca sighting. I had been searching for years (between when I was in Victoria in my youth and my 3 times living in Vancouver) before I saw a pod and I was beyond thrilled. The ferry captain announced it and there was a mad rush to the back of the boat and I was there, front and centre.

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