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Human Lactation

A publication of a different sort to announce: an article I co-authored with an awesome former prof of mine, “Knowledge and attitudes regarding infant feeding practices among reproductive aged university women: An experimental evaluation,” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Human Lactation.

My first academic publication.

And yes: that’s a book about bra-shops and an article about breastfeeding. Don’t ask. I can’t answer.

Meantime I have an interview with the CBC coming up, which marks one of the last hurdles I had to jump to become truly Canadian: far as I can tell, every Canadian has appeared on the CBC at least once.

I’ll be appearing on On the Island, which is, well, Vancouver Island radio. I get to go to the downtown studio and everything: pretty exciting, since most of my other radio interviews took place in our basement storage room to avoid being interrupted by the kidlets.

All of the finalists for the Victoria Butler Prize will be interviewed, which is great except that I’ll probably be asked something like, Which of the finalists have you read?, and the answer will be none, because I don’t read.


Because 4th year midwifery school is kicking my ass. Really, I just got sent 4 wonderful hardcover books for my birthday –thank you Toronto sibs-in-law!–and I thought, how ironic, sending books to a novelist would seem to make sense except for that all the reading & writing I do now is medical history and narrative.

(“When are you planning on taking another set of vitals?” my preceptor asked me last week, just after a birth. “Just as soon as I finish this paragraph,” I told her, wrapped up as I was in my description of the delivery. She looked at me. I put down the pen. Sometimes as a writer it’s easy to forget that, despite the copious amounts of paperwork demanded for every birth, the narrative never comes first.)

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  1. amelia says:

    so what books didja get?

  2. shannon says:

    I didn’t know the article got published–way to go! I did this insane breastfeeding course a while ago and I think had to read every issue of the Journal of Human Lactation…but I liked it. Good rag.

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