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Paperback & paperwork

Now where was I?

Oh yes, drowning in study cards and twitching every time my pager rang.

Well, I’ve graduated UBC Midwifery, mostly. The actual ceremony¬† & much anticipated after-party remains.

And a national exam.

And then there’s hospital registration & medical billing number assignment & insurance payments and a whole lot of paperwork. But that’s not really blog-worthy.

What is:  Sima the Paperback hits the shelves on May 25th.

(Which also happens to be my brother’s wedding anniversary. Happy 12th Mickey & Sandi!)

I’ll be blogging about Sima on next week. (And presumably posting links here as well, since clearly I’m not capable of one well-groomed blog, let alone two.)

Till then: Tell your book club, your mama’s book club, your mama’s best friend’s book club: Sima is in paperback, and if a novel set in a bra-shop doesn’t get a book group talking, nothing will.

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  1. Sara says:

    If I tell my book club can I possibly have the author come to our discussion??

    Congratulations on everything. You’re awesome!

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