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Hello, Nova Scotia

I’m back in the fog in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia –one of my very favourite places to be. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see why: Is that lovely, or what? Plus, there’s always the chance you could bump into Calvin Trillin. Not that I or anyone I know out here has […]

Washington DC, Radio, and Miss Pauline

I’m in Washington D.C., on a break from a radio tour. Yes, a radio tour. The way it works, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t know this, is that I stay put near a landline (not so easy a thing to find these days) and every 10 minutes or so the […]

Snowy night, early flight

I’m watching the snow come down outside my in-laws home in Waterloo, Ontario, and hoping my flight to NYC takes off on time tomorrow. I had two readings in Toronto this week, and one in Waterloo. We packed Tryst Lingerie Wednesday night–sipped cocktails, read from my novel, answered a few questions, and then got to […]

Putting my money where–

At 6:50 am this February morning I was outside our catchment public elementary school waiting to register Eva for kindergarten. Registration began at 9am. What we do for love. There was only one other person when I got there, and only a dozen or so when the doors opened at 8. This is what happens […]