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Hot in the city

August in New York City, in a old Victorian home with no air conditioning, ten thousand steps, and two young children. I’m melting. My parents look at Jordan and me languishing on the livingroom couch, and at Tillie & Eva, sweaty and heat-rashed, and declare that we are all hopelessly Canadian. It’s true. Not so […]

New York, New York, a helluva town

Well, I’m back in the Big City for the 3rd time since February, albeit for a very, very brief stay. Arrived 5:30 pm this Saturday evening and depart with the dawn on Monday. But tomorrow: tomorrow I have a full-day of literary….ummm….literary stuff. Brunch with my agent & editor –how much do I love that […]

The best and toughest audience

So the other night I had a major, major book event. I spoke at my mother’s Hadassah Chapter: Park Slope, Brooklyn. There was cake, there was coffee, there was hummus & salad & quinoa. And there were thirty-odd Jewish women in their 40s and 50s and 60s, each of them (well, almost) holding a copy of Sima. It […]

home again home again

Well, it took a little longer than expected (curses upon Air Canada!) but Eva and I arrived back to Victoria in time for sushi lunch the other day. Okay, I know that nothing is more boring than recounting airport travails — except perhaps undergoing an airport travail in the first place. But I have to […]

Washington DC, Radio, and Miss Pauline

I’m in Washington D.C., on a break from a radio tour. Yes, a radio tour. The way it works, just in case I’m not the only one who didn’t know this, is that I stay put near a landline (not so easy a thing to find these days) and every 10 minutes or so the […]

Launch # 3: NYC, baby

Arrived yesterday to New York City. Ate bagels, Chinese food, and cupcakes– not bad considering I didn’t land until 1pm. It’s just Eva and me at my parents’ place in Brooklyn–Jordan had to return to teaching, and we decided Tillie would fare better at home. A good decision, as I spent today polishing off a paper […]