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Human Lactation

A publication of a different sort to announce: an article I co-authored with an awesome former prof of mine, “Knowledge and attitudes regarding infant feeding practices among reproductive aged university women: An experimental evaluation,” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Human Lactation. My first academic publication. And yes: that’s a book about […]


Late-breaking Sima news: Hebrew language rights have been sold! Sima has been shortlisted for the City of Victoria Butler Prize! Back-to-school Clinical-intensive-at-UBC news: Orca whale sighting on my ferry commute! And finally: results are in from the Duo Tang challenge: Several Canadians emailed me about my spelling of Duo Tang. A PhD in Canadian Literature […]

Back to work

Heading into Vancouver to start off my final year of school with typical mix n’ match: this evening I’ll be meeting with a book club about Sima, and then tomorrow begins another clinical intensive.   I’m feeling all out of sorts about leaving the girls–I’m only in Vancouver until Friday, but I know it’s going to […]

Hot in the city

August in New York City, in a old Victorian home with no air conditioning, ten thousand steps, and two young children. I’m melting. My parents look at Jordan and me languishing on the livingroom couch, and at Tillie & Eva, sweaty and heat-rashed, and declare that we are all hopelessly Canadian. It’s true. Not so […]

Hello, Nova Scotia

I’m back in the fog in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia –one of my very favourite places to be. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see why: Is that lovely, or what? Plus, there’s always the chance you could bump into Calvin Trillin. Not that I or anyone I know out here has […]

So long, Stony Plain

After a flurry of births we don’t have any more women due until June 30th, which means that, although I’m on-call another 24 hrs, it’s unlikely I’ll attend another birth in Stony Plain. So I’ve been doing some exploring: chowed down on gravy & fries at the local diner; hunted for junk as a massive […]

More reflections from semi-rural Alberta

It’s been quiet here. Eerily quiet. We’re talking browsing strip-malls/getting up-to-date on Jon & Kate/trusting that there’s something I’m learning in exchange for being in Northern Alberta far from my family with no births/ quiet. Quiet enough that I watched The Proposal at the West Edmonton Mall. A famous (infamous?) mall which has a pirate ship, submarines, sea […]

A brief discourse on medical terminology, and social inductions

There are several UBC Midwifery students on far-flung adventures this summer, and their blogs are absolutely riveting to read. You can hear from the students in Uganda here and The Netherlands (departure quickly forthcoming) here. Meantime, I’m continuing to adjust to Alberta. After the rush of the first day it’s been quiet, and I’ve had a lot […]

Of pick-up trucks and perineums

So…. At 5:30 am yesterday morning I kissed Jordan goodbye, gave one last, long look at my sleeping daughters, and took off for the airport. Destination: Edmonton, Alberta. Within a few hours I was at a friend’s place, and then driving another friend’s truck through the outskirts of Edmonton, on my way to Stony Plain, where a […]

The big night

Yikes–nearly a week has passed and I have yet to blog about The Big Night. So: there I was, one of about 50 Jewish Book Network authors to present my pitch in the 1st of 3 nights of pitches.  We were  ushered into a room (actually a sanctuary) where one after the other in alphabetical […]