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Back to work

Heading into Vancouver to start off my final year of school with typical mix n’ match: this evening I’ll be meeting with a book club about Sima, and then tomorrow begins another clinical intensive.   I’m feeling all out of sorts about leaving the girls–I’m only in Vancouver until Friday, but I know it’s going to […]

The end of summer

It’s a cool September day, and I’m home in Victoria. Glory be, and thank goodness for the end of summer. Because my kids are covered in scabbed-over mosquito bites. Because when I unpacked our luggage, sand spilled onto the floor. Because my neck aches from other people’s too-puffy pillows. Because it took forever to bury Ted […]

Hot in the city

August in New York City, in a old Victorian home with no air conditioning, ten thousand steps, and two young children. I’m melting. My parents look at Jordan and me languishing on the livingroom couch, and at Tillie & Eva, sweaty and heat-rashed, and declare that we are all hopelessly Canadian. It’s true. Not so […]

Out of the fog, into the fog

It’s a beautiful day in Upper Kingsburg. Hot & clear skies: no small feat for Nova Scotia. Eva and Tillie water-winged it around the pond while I swam out past the rocks & sand &  scary seaweed (as a child I saw a Little House on the Prairie episode in which a girl drowns after […]

I love arctic birds

I’ll blurt out the big news first: Penguin has bought Sima’s paperback rights! It’s good. Really good. It means a whole new “package,” apparently: another cover, another launch, another chance.  Very, very exciting. Even though I love the old cover & even though I have become a huge fan of Overlook Press, still, this is clearly a […]

You’ve got 2 minutes

Weeks past the deadline, I’m trying to sum-up Sima in a 2-minute blurb that I’ll read in front of umpteen Jews for the Jewish Book Network audition. Prove you –and your book–are appealing & nail down the Jewish content requirement, and you could be whisked away on an all-paid, cross-country tour of Jewish Book Fairs, synagogue […]

On the road again

Writing from my mini-tour, having wrapped-up two readings today: afternoon at Yale’s Hillel Center and this evening at R.J. Julia, a legendary indie in Madison, CT. Feast or famine: at Yale we had 6 attendees, at R.J. Julia’s, 22. But at both the conversation was hilarious and wide-ranging…get a group of women together (men are […]

A few reviews, and what to do about fairytales

Jewish Week, Book Reporter, and Streetcorner Library have weighed in on Sima. Good reviews, all. And tonight kicks off my own mini book-club tour. In the next three weeks I have 4 book clubs booked: two in Victoria, and two in NYC. I myself have never been to a book club where the author spoke. […]

To market to market

I am tempted to write all sorts of excuses about why it’s taken me so long to post a new entry, but I’m thinking that perhaps the #1 blog rule– or rather the #2 rule, give that the #1 rule is no doubt Write, and Write Often–is that if you haven’t written, don’t go on […]

On the road

Writing from Toronto, which means I am officially “on tour.” Gulp. It also means, realistically, that I am staying with family and having a lovely time. The highlight so far: Eva and her six-year-old cousin, Maia, broke into some secret chocolate stash while supposably asleep in bed. They were caught. Maia was whistle-clean and innocent […]