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The big night

Yikes–nearly a week has passed and I have yet to blog about The Big Night. So: there I was, one of about 50 Jewish Book Network authors to present my pitch in the 1st of 3 nights of pitches.  We were  ushered into a room (actually a sanctuary) where one after the other in alphabetical […]

The best and toughest audience

So the other night I had a major, major book event. I spoke at my mother’s Hadassah Chapter: Park Slope, Brooklyn. There was cake, there was coffee, there was hummus & salad & quinoa. And there were thirty-odd Jewish women in their 40s and 50s and 60s, each of them (well, almost) holding a copy of Sima. It […]

Exam crunch

A friend wrote to tell me that a friend of hers emailed from Montreal: “I’ve just read a book you’d love,” she wrote, “it’s called Sima’s Undergarments for Women.” Cool, no? Am thick in midwifery-exam studying right now. Yes: thick in it. Which is why I am blogging, obviously, instead of reviewing, say, all the […]

To market to market

I am tempted to write all sorts of excuses about why it’s taken me so long to post a new entry, but I’m thinking that perhaps the #1 blog rule– or rather the #2 rule, give that the #1 rule is no doubt Write, and Write Often–is that if you haven’t written, don’t go on […]

We’re not Christmasans

Apparently, my four-year-old daughter confided to her pre-school teacher that, “we’re not Christmasans.”   Hearing this, I was not only amused—I was also a little proud. Sometimes it’s obvious what our children understand. (For instance: when, after seeing Bambi, I overheard Eva playing with toy animals. A small giraffe called out a high-pitched, “Mama! Mama! […]