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Paperback & paperwork

Now where was I? Oh yes, drowning in study cards and twitching every time my pager rang. Well, I’ve graduated UBC Midwifery, mostly. The actual ceremony  & much anticipated after-party remains. And a national exam. And then there’s hospital registration & medical billing number assignment & insurance payments and a whole lot of paperwork. But […]

Human Lactation

A publication of a different sort to announce: an article I co-authored with an awesome former prof of mine, “Knowledge and attitudes regarding infant feeding practices among reproductive aged university women: An experimental evaluation,” has been accepted for publication at the Journal of Human Lactation. My first academic publication. And yes: that’s a book about […]

So long, Stony Plain

After a flurry of births we don’t have any more women due until June 30th, which means that, although I’m on-call another 24 hrs, it’s unlikely I’ll attend another birth in Stony Plain. So I’ve been doing some exploring: chowed down on gravy & fries at the local diner; hunted for junk as a massive […]

More births births births

Since my last post, when I was ready to quit midwifery school were it not for the spraypaint-gold handcuffs of debt (I just made that one up. Really. Pretty good, huh?) things have gotten better. But first they had to get worse. Saturday morning I was paged at 4am. This was especially disconcerting as I’d […]

Travels and travails

Jordan & the girls came out to Alberta, and we spent 2 weeks with our fabulous friends in Edmonton and went on a road-trip to the Dinosaur Museum at Drumheller in the Alberta Badlands and, on a whim –our first major travel-bug whim since Eva was born 4 1/2 years ago–to Banff in the Canadian Rockies. […]

The 10th birth

While hanging around waiting for a baby to be born the other night, the proud grandfather told me the following story. He and his wife (the mom of the labouring mom) had 12 children. Together they’d attended prenatal classes when she was pregnant with their first, studiously memorizing the normal labour pattern: mild, infrequent contractions building […]

More reflections from semi-rural Alberta

It’s been quiet here. Eerily quiet. We’re talking browsing strip-malls/getting up-to-date on Jon & Kate/trusting that there’s something I’m learning in exchange for being in Northern Alberta far from my family with no births/ quiet. Quiet enough that I watched The Proposal at the West Edmonton Mall. A famous (infamous?) mall which has a pirate ship, submarines, sea […]

A brief discourse on medical terminology, and social inductions

There are several UBC Midwifery students on far-flung adventures this summer, and their blogs are absolutely riveting to read. You can hear from the students in Uganda here and The Netherlands (departure quickly forthcoming) here. Meantime, I’m continuing to adjust to Alberta. After the rush of the first day it’s been quiet, and I’ve had a lot […]

Of pick-up trucks and perineums

So…. At 5:30 am yesterday morning I kissed Jordan goodbye, gave one last, long look at my sleeping daughters, and took off for the airport. Destination: Edmonton, Alberta. Within a few hours I was at a friend’s place, and then driving another friend’s truck through the outskirts of Edmonton, on my way to Stony Plain, where a […]


I scrubbed in on a day of gynecological surgery. Or as they say in the biz, “Guy-knee.” Which was awesome. Truly awe-some: I had no idea intenstines were so beautiful. And don’t get me even started on the fimbriae , who hang out like sea-creatures, translucent tentacles gently waving as they await their chance to catch the egg […]