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Two pictures from last month’s BEA in NYC: First, the Penguin-mobile. Second, Sima cruising atop the Penguin-mobile. Lovely, ain’t it? Thank you to Juliet, my amazing (and first) ex-editor, for sending me pictures! and me, BFF

I’ve already talked about how I set out to write Lev and Sima’s marriage: forty-six years together, and for all their intimacy a loneliness between them. And then into that marriage that classic novelistic device: A stranger comes to town. A stranger with perfect breasts. Who happens to be Israeli. Readers often express surprise that […]

Paperback & paperwork

Now where was I? Oh yes, drowning in study cards and twitching every time my pager rang. Well, I’ve graduated UBC Midwifery, mostly. The actual ceremony  & much anticipated after-party remains. And a national exam. And then there’s hospital registration & medical billing number assignment & insurance payments and a whole lot of paperwork. But […]


Late-breaking Sima news: Hebrew language rights have been sold! Sima has been shortlisted for the City of Victoria Butler Prize! Back-to-school Clinical-intensive-at-UBC news: Orca whale sighting on my ferry commute! And finally: results are in from the Duo Tang challenge: Several Canadians emailed me about my spelling of Duo Tang. A PhD in Canadian Literature […]

Hello, Nova Scotia

I’m back in the fog in Upper Kingsburg, Nova Scotia –one of my very favourite places to be. Take a look at the picture below and you’ll see why: Is that lovely, or what? Plus, there’s always the chance you could bump into Calvin Trillin. Not that I or anyone I know out here has […]

Meantime, Sima gets around

While I’ve been busy with my student-midwife life attending births in Alberta,  Sima has been getting around. Random sightings here & there (do synagogue bookstores count as random?), but none more so than this: my friend Amelia, a fellow student-midwife, came across Sima in Port Hardy, a small town on Northern Vancouver Island where she’s […]

New York, New York, a helluva town

Well, I’m back in the Big City for the 3rd time since February, albeit for a very, very brief stay. Arrived 5:30 pm this Saturday evening and depart with the dawn on Monday. But tomorrow: tomorrow I have a full-day of literary….ummm….literary stuff. Brunch with my agent & editor –how much do I love that […]

I love arctic birds

I’ll blurt out the big news first: Penguin has bought Sima’s paperback rights! It’s good. Really good. It means a whole new “package,” apparently: another cover, another launch, another chance.  Very, very exciting. Even though I love the old cover & even though I have become a huge fan of Overlook Press, still, this is clearly a […]

You’ve got 2 minutes

Weeks past the deadline, I’m trying to sum-up Sima in a 2-minute blurb that I’ll read in front of umpteen Jews for the Jewish Book Network audition. Prove you –and your book–are appealing & nail down the Jewish content requirement, and you could be whisked away on an all-paid, cross-country tour of Jewish Book Fairs, synagogue […]

To market to market

I am tempted to write all sorts of excuses about why it’s taken me so long to post a new entry, but I’m thinking that perhaps the #1 blog rule– or rather the #2 rule, give that the #1 rule is no doubt Write, and Write Often–is that if you haven’t written, don’t go on […]