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Sima’s Undergarments for Women

Available soon in paperback

The Synopsis:

Beneath the streets of Brooklyn, women revel in frank friendship while searching for the perfect fit. In the comfort of her basement bra shop, Sima Goldner teaches other women to appreciate their bodies, but feels betrayed by her own. Shamed by her infertility and a secret from her youth, Sima has given up on happiness and surrendered to a bitter marriage. But when Timna, a young Israeli with enviable cleavage, becomes the shop seamstress, Sima finds herself awakened to adventure and romance.  As the two serve the colorful customers of the orthodox Jewish neighborhood, Sima’s curiosity about Timna leads to an obsession, ultimately forcing Sima to confront her past and decide her future.  Years after giving up on their marriage, Sima and her husband, Lev, must decide if what they have is worth saving. While it refuses to shrink from inner darkness, Sima’s Undergarments for Women is a glorious story of hope, of love lost but then reborn.

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